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The Community Needs Your Help

Family Service Agency exists to serve the DeKalb County community throughout each citizen’s life through our five services: Children’s Advocacy Center, Youth Mentoring, Center for Counseling, Community Action Program, and Senior Services. Due to soaring repair costs, space constraints, and growth within the agency, we found ourselves unable to grow along with the community’s needs.  In order to continue to provide the care we’re known for, we sought out a new location.
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A New Home

FSA has purchased a prime location with room to grow.  In order to make it a home that will truly serve the community, fairly extensive renovations must be completed.  Plans include: additional therapeutically appropriate spaces, room for staff growth, privacy and soundproofing improvements, and additional meeting spaces so we can offer statewide and regional trainings.  This new space can grow as the community grows and remain flexible enough to meet the shifting needs of its citizens.
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Help Us Help Others

With your help, we can retain the ability to serve even more clients who need our services, who are often overlooked, and who are regularly a community afterthought.  The renovations will cost an estimated $1.9 million, which is no small amount.  But when you consider the number of people we help in a year and the number of decades we can expand into this space, it’s a small price to pay for the good we can do.  We’re asking you to Believe Big with FSA, and Grow With Us as we expand to fit the changing needs of DeKalb County citizens.
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The Next 50 Years

We have the chance to make FSA the organization for the community for the next 50 years.  The Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Facility Committee are all in unanimous agreement that to pass up this opportunity would leave the community and FSA vulnerable to failing to fulfill the potential of our mission. With your help, those in need in our community can continue to receive the help they need within the walls of our organization.
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